Alex has cake and eats too.....

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Alex has cake and eats too.....

Post by Angel on Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:16 am

“So, Alex…when will you go see her?”

“I don’t know. It seems to be so soon”

“But, why are you stalling? You can’t hold grudges forever.”

“True..but she’s so confusing. Maybe it’s just me. The emotional pain.. You know?”

“I can only imagine. I’ve never been in that situation before”

“I don’t really know what their relationship is, to tell the truth. He seems like a nice guy. She said they were friends… I should believe her.”

“Why wouldn’t you believe her? You know he’s probably not touched her that deeply. After all, she has you...This is new for her, too. But don't push. And don't rush. Use this time to explore....See if she is what you really desire...... ”

“I know.. I’m…I just..Jen’s the first woman I’ve actually accepted into my life…We are so good together. She’s gently guided me to a whole new world of intrigue, fascination... There are things she’s shown me, things she’s done for me and 'to' me that I could have never imagined..She’s taught me to expand my ability to enjoy my desires.......No Boundaries. It’s exciting….But it’s hard for me to be open about it. I feel that the more I talk about us, the more cursed our relationship will become.”

“Now 'that' I can understand… Just be yourself and screw anyone else who has a problem with it.”

“You’re right. I’ll go talk to her right now. Well, she does submit to me when the day is over. She “is” mine, after all.. IT is mine. And she knows it. I don’t know why I’m so worried. Maybe because I haven't told her about the other night I spent at the beach. I kick myself sometimes. “

Alex drove to Jen’s house, thinking along the way, “This is unbelievable. Have my cake and eat it too?”

Alex wondered, “What if we talk about this?.... I mean, I can understand her friendship with him… Even if it’s more than that. I want her to experience life's many pleasures as well. I, myself sure hope to meet my lover again. So dark, so forceful. I need that in my life as well.......So I guess, as long as she’s still mine then what can it hurt? I mean, I like having the cake myself. It’s hard to break that habit, for sure. Maybe passion should not be restircted. Love. Yes..”

Alex was still a little anxious while knocking on Jen’s door.

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