34th & 34th Queens

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34th & 34th Queens

Post by Z on Mon Jul 07, 2008 6:28 pm

34th & 34th
Queens [draft]

[Scene: The stage is bare but for a single busstop sign next to which is a woman older than 20, younger than 50. As the single spot comes up she casually looks for the bus and pulls out her cell phone. She presses a buttong and when it's clear the person on the other end answers, she begins]

God, Miranda!

I mean:


How could he just stand there and lie like that?


He jus' open his face an' all this shit come out!

Yeah! You got that right Miranda,
tha's all that motherfucker's full of any way.

Yeah! Yeah, I know. Right?

HE said we should see other people!
All that “let's still be frienz” shit.

Said I wasn't no fun no more, like I was all dead inside,

fuck yeah --- I cried and cried...

and now --- check this --- now that I finally feel alive again

NOW he says how he wants to be MORE 'an just friends?

Wantsa go back to bein' like we used to be?

Always textin me

An he finds me at Rudolfo's party last night ---
No, Rudy said he di'n't invite him, ---

an' he starts in with them eyes of his, an' that hurt look
and how I am the only one that ever understood him an' ---

...an I felt it too, girl.

Damn. I know.

Oh, you heard already?
Yeah, I did!

I said

Understand you? No motherfucker I don't understand shit about shit like you.

How some motherfucking shit like you could think at at all,
let alone think that after hurtin me like that
they could come slidin' up on me like that again.

I don't want to understand you you unseemly fuck.

Where do you get off acting all hurt because I flirt with someone
at a party you weren't even invited to in the first place?
Doesn't that strike you as just a bit fuckin' ridiculous?

An' he tried to get all righteous and I just said

Shut up. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
My turn, motherfucker.

And shut off the tears cause they do NOT work on me anymore.

I'm done.

do I look like a fucking crutch?
How 'bout a fucking walker. See any motherfuckin' wheels on my feet?

That's right

So go find someone else to prop your sorry ass up.
I got enough to carry through life without carrying you.

An' I left.

Okay, yeah, I get off at nine.
Yeah, my turn buy the wine.

See ya then.

[fade to black. curtain]

"Conformity Makes Me Gag." --- Wendy O Williams

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