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Search Sucks

Post by Z on Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:58 pm

A heads up, the search feature for the software that FlashMind is currently using simply sucks. It will not search for anything below the level of thread subjects, it seems. Yes, that is beyond stupid, and is typical for a lot of open source software, unfortunately.

On a small forum like this, it's not too big a deal...but as we grow, and as we begin adding in the theraputic and educational/empowering aspect, this will become ever more critical. A forum is a crystalized not think about allowing others to search for information in a sea of information is the crime of the small minded and unimaginative.

There are modifications that can fix this, though none that are apparently available to we who use this service, since it involves monkeying with the underlying database and that is verbotten. So, for now I'll look around for a workaround to install (maybe I can use a google thingy) and just say, sorry.

What we CAN do is try and remember to put subjects in all our posts and we can help others find our advice and insights well into the future.



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