Welcome! Here's what we're about.

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Welcome! Here's what we're about.

Post by Z on Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:09 am

Welcome! Here's what we're about.

Welcome to Flashmind! I'm Z and I'm the admin here. I wanted to point out a few odds and ends about FlashMind to visitors and new members.

This is all new to me. I've been working on this project for only a few months, and were it not for the constant belief and support of the members here, doubt I would have come so far so fast. We are still feeling our way to what exactly we are at FlashMind, but that's okay, because that's how real people live real lives.

FlashMind came up when I started learning about having ADHD, and realized that there was no place for adults with this sort of mind to gather and truly express themselves.

(I choose not to see it as a "problem" beyond the fact that people with ADHD think differently and that no one's given us much, if any, help in learning how to use this amazing mind of ours.) What's more, I saw a lot of the communities out there as having an unintentional "enabling" role, continuing to perpetuate the idea that people with ADHD have something "wrong" with them that needs "fixing."

If something is broken, how is it going to get fixed by just repeating over and over "Woe is me, I need fixing?" The answer is, "Never."

We are here to figure out how to use this mind of ours to empower ourselves and in doing so, empower others to do the same. It's that simple. It's miraculous the way that people with ADHD energize each other, and the way that syncronicity flashes into our lives once we start opening ourselves to the possibilities that are open to our unique way of seeing and thinking. Indeed, this little blurb grew out of my writing a welcome PM to a new member. I'd been meaning to do something like this for some time, but I kept putting it off and putting it off. Suddenly, I was writing this member and saying "hi" and next thing I knew, all these words were flowing and ideas were falling into place.

That's really how things seem to go for us ADHD people, once we start to use our minds the way they were meant to be used, not as those people without ADHD wanted us to use them. Read that last sentence again, it's really the secret to FlashMind.

If you're new, take a moment to introduce yourself at our new members introductions whenever you're ready. I like to think we have one of the easiest, shortest, and funnest introductions of any forum going! That's because we don't really need or want a bunch of personal information right up front (really, go look at what we do ask, I think you'll laugh), because we don't need it to help each other grow and heal as intuitive creative people.

And that's how we think of what we do here at FlashMind: following a path of intuitive creativity.

We are specifically aiming to help the unique personality and sensitivities of ourselves: adults with ADHD. "Self-empowerment through healing, healing through self-expression," is the what we are here to do.

And notice the word "SELF." I am not a therapist, this is not a threrapy site. Everything we do here is offered with the understanding that the NO ONE at this site, or associated with this site is engaged in rendering medical or psychological services. This site, the exercises here, none of it is
intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional advice. I have a therapist, and so do a lot of other people. I was damaged quite a bit coming up in life, not being "normal." (Now I think "thank goodness, who wants to be NORMAL anyway? Ick.")

We are each seeking freedom and self empowerment...do we do that by just another "system."

Each of us have to decide for ourselves if we want to see ourselves as broken. That's what being free means. Most everyone I've ever talked to with ADHD say they are not broken at all.

To me, it's like I woke up behind the wheel of an airplane, and was only taught how to drive a car by people that have only ever learned to drive a car.

I've worked as an artist, and have had illustrations, cartoons, writing published. I have a degree in English Education, and was diagnosed less than a year ago with ADHD. I have helped many people discover their creative powers and have found myself more and more in a role that I see associated with coaching, and I'm looking into that more fully.

I believe that the greatest healing occurs when we express ourselves, and that when we express ourselves creatively, we strengthen our vision, our voices, and in so doing, our entire being. Thus, through our expressing ourselves, we heal ourselves, and in healing ourselves, we empower ourselves.

We with ADHD have been crushed under the weight of conformity our entire lives...literally abused emotionally and psychically...had our creative power taken from us, or driven so deeply into us that we might not even know where to begin to start coming out of ourselves again. Everyone at FlashMind is interested in helping each other regain our personal power, for it is only when we can firmly stand on our own two legs as who we really are that we can reach out and help others.

One of the best places to get settled in is to visit the Big Room There's several games that are going on there that are a great way to meet other members and start warming up that unique voice of your self-expression. Take some time to visit the Writer's Sanctuary, where there's all sorts of places to write poetry, stories, and just odd little bits. If you can see it, you can look at it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

FlashMind is just starting, and so you are in a possibility to play a vital role in helping shape how our community develops. How little or how much you participate is up to you, of course. I hope you will help me make this a welcoming and healing place. Please, don't hesitate to PM me with any ideas or suggestions. You can also put a suggestion on the office door so others can see what you're thinking too.

Welcome again!

Peace and Peace.

Z. Cool

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