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Happy Monday or so.

Post by Z on Tue Aug 12, 2008 9:13 am

NEWS FLASH (mind!)

  • WELCOME Knightmoversgirl!
    Knightmoversgirl joined last week (whom I'm going to call simply knight
    because it's mercifully shorter). She's a friend of Amberwillow and if
    you think of it, drop her a pm and welcome her.

  • FlashMind Opened to THE WORLD HAHAHAHA:
    Knight's joining was another example of the synchronicity that hovers
    over this site. I had just decided to open the site so that visiting
    non-member guests could look at the forums here. It's important that
    the curious can see what 's going on in the forums, so they'll know if
    they might like to join our community. This means that we are
    essentially open to the public, though we are still sorting ourselves
    out. I'll be putting the information for the site into the search
    engines this week.

  • FlashMind, for ADHD and those who WISH they had ADHD!
    We are still a community for adults with ADHD, though we are also aware
    that there are a lot of people out there that have also been harmed by
    the violence done to the naturally creative and sensitive growing up in
    the soulless machine that so often passes for modern society. So, we
    welcome all adults that have ADHD, those that think they might have
    ADHD, those that WISH they had ADHD ('cause we're the bomb) and others
    who share a desire to empower themselves through self-espression and
    who want to feel the healing available intuitively following their

  • Journals & Albums:
    Together at Last! Most of the site is open to public (non-member)
    viewing, but not all of it. the Journals have been moved into the same
    forum as the personal albums and that forum is viewable by members
    only. Likewise the library is for members only, though the rest of the
    Inspiritorium is open to viewing.

  • What About FlashMind?:
    I've added a new forum in the Front Window area, simply entitled "About
    FlashMind." I will be posting more and more frequently in this new
    forum those things that are coming together from various sources that
    are adding up to an overall vision and method for FlashMind. This site
    was begund with the delicious impulsivity that ADHD brings. It was
    enough to know that adults with ADHD needed a place to express
    themselves openly and freely.

  • In the Works:
    I have been experimenting with various other chat software packages (because, let's face it, the chat software that came with this site, well, sucks), and those will soon be available to members only as well. These chat programs will be instrumental in some of the upcoming chat events that are in the works for the site as well. Stay tuned. The format of this set of anouncements is a forerunner to what I expect will soon be a forum Newsletter. I am working on setting up a blog to go with this site. There are a lot of issues that impinge upon the methods and mission of FlashMind that don't easily fit into the forum format. As soon as that is available, I'll let you know.

  • Thanks to EVERYONE.
    This site has been possible with the love and support of the community
    here. We all know that something like this is important and necessary,
    and we are all figuring out what exactly it is that the site it. Having
    ADHD is a in a world where most people don't have ADHD is a challenge,
    with or without meds. What's clear is that we all need a chance to heal
    the shame and abuse that has kept us so quiet about who we are as
    vibrant and creative people. Pick up almost any book on Adult ADHD and
    you'll see it in black and white: we are the most creative kind of
    humans around! FlashMind is the first site dedicated specifically to
    nourishing and empowering that creativity, and it's only possible with
    the support of a community like this one.


"Conformity Makes Me Gag." --- Wendy O Williams

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