Salt Dreaming.

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Salt Dreaming.

Post by amberwillow on Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:33 am

On a Summer's day when the sun was high
I splashed through the shallows
and lost my soul to the sea.

Years later, in Winters cold...
in shortened hours of pale sunshine
I sit on my rock watching the waves
and my heart clenches inside my chest
at the thought of those many dusty years
I've spent away from the liquid joy of the shore.

Endless deserts I have seen
Dawn over rivers of flocking birds
Mountain battlements flanked with twisted gums
Crystal salt-lakes
and earthy forests seeping with brilliant mossy life.

My heart loves the forest, the endless plain
the hanging mists over mountains high...
But none of these things can rid my blood of
the surging pulse of the surf
the storm winds blowing off the ocean...

Not since the day I lost my soul to the sea.

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Re: Salt Dreaming.

Post by Z on Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:01 am

Wonderful imagery, as always Amber! This is a peaceful, idyllic memory poem for me. There's a feeling of gentle emptiness here. The speaker feels searching, dreamy ... and peaceful. This effect and feeling is strengthened by the rolling quality in the alliterative quality of the "L" and "R" sounds throughout.

I particularly like "liquid joy of the shore," as well as "rivers of flocking birds."

Thank you for sharing this.


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