It's About Time :)

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It's About Time :)

Post by Z on Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:02 pm

One of my big bugaboos in life has been making sure that I get places on time. I would always leave way too late. Over the years, without even trying, I I sort of came up with a simple mental trickm to make sure I get where I'm going on time:

Here's what I do:

  • I take however long I think it will take to get to where I'm going,
  • I add a half hour,
  • then round up to the nearest quarter hour (at 0, 15, 30, or 45 minutes).
For example: I think it'll take me 20 minutes to get to my doctor's appointment. I will add a half hour, so now I've got 50 minutes (20 + 30 = 50), and then I will round UP to the nearest quarter hour, which means that I will plan to leave an hour before my doctor's appointment.[/size]

I know that this seems crazy to some...but here's what happens:

About half the time, (I've got all sorts of adhd things happening), so even though I MEAN to leave 1 hour early for my doctor's appointment (for example) I actually leave later than that...but I've got 40 minutes of slack built in.

I bring a novel, or a magazine, or work, and use the time I have getting there early to do other things.

I relish being seen as more punctual than the punctual...indeed, for things like work and school, being early more often than not makes me appear virtuous in the eyes of the Lhumans, and on the very, very rare occasion that I am STILL late, I am forgiven instantly. Smile HA!

To this, I add timers, notes, and all sorts of other things, but I'm interested in hearing what everyone else does to make those meetings and appointments, or, if you try my method, how it works for you.

What do you do to get there on time?

What advice would you give to someone that's just found out they have adhd about how to manage their time?

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Re: It's About Time :)

Post by light_healer on Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:05 am

In true ADD fashion, i read this thread and went off to research "Time and ADHD".....and of course now, time has got away with me.... Shocked

It seems it is certainly an odd concept for us ADD folk, and it impacts so many areas or our lives. But i wondered what is it about time we have so much trouble with???

Dr. Hallowell, an internationally recognized ADHD expert, explains that ADHDers think of time as either "now" or "not now." Understandably, it can be difficult to manage time with only "now" and "not now." Another quote from Sari Solden, ( specialist in women with ADHD), which i personally can relate to is...

" Time is just a white, wide open space with no markers and no way to know how to piece it out"...

I really struggle with time management, and i tend to work alot of different methods depending what it is i am doing. Although i do like Sari's thinking on this which is to aim for "controlled disorder", which is basically working with not against the ADD brain.Time management for us is not the same as time management for non-ADDers, this is a common mistake people make and wonder why they can't make these systems work.....The main issue being we need a fair amount of flexibility in a system, and it must fit our particular version of ADHD, so most "off the self" type systems don't usually work consistently without a bit of re-working....This is especially relevant for adult late diagnosed types, the last thing you want to do is to set yourself up for more shame and self-berating when you can't do what this model "A" is saying you should do.... If you get my point.

Another important consideration is to try structure your time to match your own personal energy cycles. ADHD adults are subject to highs and lows in energy levels throughout the day. Tasks you find easy in the morning may be impossible in the afternoon, or vice versa. Learn your rhythms and structure your agenda to follow them.

As for what methods i use, well it depends what i am doing, if i'm into an ideas seeking, creative zone, the less limits i place on myself the better. But when it comes to production, and implementation, of said ideas, i need to think about time a little more.

Oh and the questions i was meant to be answering before a tasty tangent swept me away....

What do i do to get to where i need to be on time...??
I use similar brain trickery with setting clocks faster and telling myself i MUST leave 30mins earlier than i need to , allowing for tasty tangents running out in front of my car, in which case i just simply must stop... It's weird though i have this thing with 15min increments also... i am usually either 15 min early, or 15 mins late....

And my advice for new comers.... welcome and congrats!! Oh on the time thing, (sorry...Smile ), BE KIND TO YOURSELF, and try out a few different methods, formulating your own "special blend of embracing ADD " .......

peace and kindness

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